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Check back to see who is endorsing Suz for ward 1.

Ward 1 Supporters

Bill Lindeke

Dr Susan Clarke

Katie Fritze-Hovland

Cody Fisher

Zaagate Hernandez

Tim Connelly

Ian Buck

Grace Herbertz

Amelia Shoptaugh

St. Paul Supporters

Bob Blake

Elizabeth Dickinson

Emily Fritze

David Ackos

Karen Shapiro

James Petsch

Jen Haring

Maggie Bianchi

Julie Tietz

Greg Beglinger

Dan Marchall

Fiona Eustathiades

Deidre Manion-Fisher

Dr Zach Mensinger

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Former Rep
Susan Allen

Lawyer, Tribal Law

I endorse Susan because she knows how to build community. I worked with her during her Women Winning internship and have seen first hand how skilled she is in creating welcoming spaces that make people feel included. I know she'll make a great representative for ward 1, and I'm proud to support her campaign.


Zaagate Hernandez


I’m endorsing Susan for Ward 1 because of her steadfast support for teachers. She understands that we know what our students need and will advocate for a strong partnership between the city of St. Paul and its schools. She stands with unions and listens to the needs of working people in her community.


Amada Márquez Simula

Mayor, Columbia Heights

As Mayor of Columbia Heights, I’m excited to have the chance to work with Susan as our cities partner to do great work in the metro. I am excited to work with Susan because of her commitment to a just and fair city as well as her understanding of the needs of our constituencies.


Bill Lindeke

Lecturer in Urban Studies at the University of Minnesota’s Department of Geography, Environment and Society

Susan and I both share a real passion for transit, affordable housing, and initiatives to make St. Paul more walkable. As an expert in urban planning, I endorse Susan because I believe in her commitment and vision to a stronger city for all its residents.

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