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Making Connections

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I am running for the Ward 1 City Council seat on a 3-pronged platform of Streets for All, Pollinators, and Clean Energy. 



Let's make St. Paul more bikeable and walkable by improving cycling infrastructure and transit options!

Together we can invest in systems that make St. Paul more accessible to people with disabilities and make sure our sidewalks, city buildings, websites and city-sponsored events are ADA compliant. In addition, I will solicit input from people who struggle to access city services and buildings in order to address their needs head-on.


Support the implementation of the 2040 plan to construct and make available affordable housing in the Twin Cities as well as other livability initiatives. To that end, I hope to ensure implementation of the recently-passed Rent Control ordinance.

Provide housing for homeless individuals, end destruction of encampments, work to connect homeless people with whatever culturally-appropriate services they need to ensure their health, safety and well-being.


Promote native plantings on city properties & provide resources to St. Paul residents so they have the ability to transform their communities into habitats for endangered birds & insects.


Let’s get municipal energy for Saint Paul so that Xcel is not our only option. We can expand Saint Paul District Energy and install some solar panels on city buildings. This will get us much closer to being a zero-waste city!


Monitor police actions and provide for a civilian review board to oversee police actions and provide feedback, working with the Mayor's office to ensure racial, gender and LGBT equity and reduce and hopefully prevent violent interactions between vulnerable communities and the police. Offload as many services as possible onto non-police entities.



Improve transparency in city government and expedite compliance with the Freedom of Information Act. Allow community members easy access to city records as provided by law.

Support the expansion of Mayor Carter's guaranteed basic income program.

The construction of 94 split the Rondo neighborhood in half, destroying a prosperous black neighborhood that is feeling the effects to this day. I support a reparations program to help right the wrongs of this and other negative impacts of white supremacy. Support the Boulevard Plan for Reimagining I-94.

Support the St. Paul Teachers Union while at the same time encouraging culturally-specific training by providing access to resources so that students feel supported and welcomed in our classrooms.


I plan to work with a variety of community groups and solicit feedback. This list is by no means comprehensive but it reflects my priorities for the first year. I look forward to working collaboratively to expand these goals.

I would love to meet either remotely or face-to-face in order to discuss my candidacy!



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