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Hi, I'm Suz


A Little About the Candidate

Suz (she/her) lives in the Crocus Hill neighborhood of Saint Paul with Tim, her partner of 12 years and their cat, Patsy. Her hobbies include planting native wildflowers in her yard and other home improvement projects. She is an avid cyclist and gets around primarily on foot, bus and train. She is grateful to be in a neighborhood where there are so many great restaurants nearby. Suz is also very active in the DFL and has held many positions in the party. 


Suz is currently employed by Sleep Number as an IT representative. She loves her job because she gets to help people who aren't comfortable with technology learn basic tasks like how to reset a password and update their phone's operating system. She will bring this service and accessibility mindset with her to City Hall, should she be elected. 

In her recent past Suz has also worked as a tutor for children learning English (two years) and as a PCA for a client who uses a wheelchair. Both of these jobs provided valuable insight into how people navigate the world with disabilities, as English learners and sometimes both. 

Suz has worked for a variety of candidates, including former Representative Susan Allen, Vice Chair of CD 3 Mike Arulfo and former city council member Phillipe Cunningham. Working for these and other candidates has given her a multifaceted awareness of policy, government and campaigns. 

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